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Content is the baseline of all publishing. But content is meaningless if not perceived. So, our first task as publishers is to make content visible, audible, ready to be perceived and cherished. Our basic commitment therefore is to make content visible and accessible. 

Our second commitment is to a specific range of content. In other words: we specialize on a small range of content we stand for: Entrepreneurial build-up, biographies, historic fiction and alpine living. That is all, but that is a lot, as well.

Events, secondly, is a general term to denote how content is staged, how it appears. So, content is not simply “there”, it has to appear. And it appears in a vast variety of forms and faces. On a practical note it may appear in a seminar, as a speech or coaching dialogue, as a video broadcast or – in its best form – as a book. 

So, for us, publishing is where we come from – and where everything goes to. There is something magic to books, we believe. Something unique as a form of expression.  

But books are by far more than a heritage, they are not meant to simply be once cherished and then be forgotten. Books, good books, have the potential to becoming a legacy, that is something that leads us to a future in which we all, as publishers and readers, contribute to better world.

“We called our company “RHINESTONE” because we can tell a story about those stones and where they come from: Rhinestones had been found at the banks and in the shallow waters at the side of the upper Rhine river between the ancient cities of Chur and Bregenz.

There, in more ancient times, mountain crystals had been formed by the natural influence of waters to look very similar to diamonds. But they were only to be found by those who diligently sought them.

Rhinestone Publishing is about to publish the platform in late 2023. SO, please come back and see how it develops.

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