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For your first orientation: Rhinestone Publishing and Media is a small

  • publishing company as well as
  • a press and public relations agency

dealing with writing, publishing media of almost every kind, with events and conceptual works on different kinds of media.

Both the structure and the content of this website explain this in greater detail.

Contractual Relationship

As a first step, you may enter into a contractual relationship (“we work for you”) by

  • contacting us and/or sending an enquiry
  • describing your intentions and/or problems
  • if possible tell us more about your budget
  • and most certainly talk about your time frame.

You may write in several languages such as English, German, Italian or French.

Contacts or Accessability:

You may use the above coontact form or write to

fax: +49 3222 4271479

mail: mmn (at)