During the seven years of 1245 to 1252 a chapter of European history unfolds that ultimately develops a global influence.
Several decisive events take place during this 7 year’s period. But two examples may illustrate how time-changing those years had been.

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One example is the birth of Conradin, the last direct heir of the House of Hohenstaufen during the end of the period mentioned. And a second example points to future events: The papal bull “Ad exstirpandam” promulgated on Wednesday, May 15, 1252, by Pope Innocentius IV., in which he authorized in limited and defined circumstances the use of torture by the inquisition.

Had the above said been an exaggeration, neither had there been a conquest of the American continent, a discovery of Eastern Asia and China in particular nor a reformation in the realm of religion.

An while our first objective, as a publishing company, was to prepare the ground for an apprehension of the work of our authors, Pierre Maurice in particular as well as some others, we very soon discovered or rather suspected this culmination point of European history was almost forgotten. We therefore decided to display, as it were, these in our view formative years of at least the European history in a complex multi-channel product, both as a series of books and online events.

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