Historical Fiction is the core of our business. But as we have – withi regard to fiction – mainly concentrated on the works of the Swiss-German author Pierre Maurice we are intending to widen the scope of work in the future, and we are looking for additions, as well.

One of the author’s key works was INVOCABIT, originally written in German. As it may stand as a paradigm of his writings, we re-published this impressive story in a Swiss edition in late 2021.

With regard to historical fiction our main project is “777 Years Before Our Time” which is supposed to start in spring 2022. It is designed to be a multi-channel endeavor, parallelizing the exact historical events of the years 1245 to 1252 and a – fictitious – recount of the formative years of several young people, trying to find their identity and make their living during the challenges of those years of change.

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