Pierre Maurice

Pierre Maurice studied philosophy, history and languages in Germany, England and Switzerland. Occasionally he also taught at universities.
As a journalist and ghost writer, he met and worked with a renowned personalities and artists.
Ancient or medieval authors such as Aristotle, St. Paul, the Stoics, St. Augustine and Luther influenced his thinking. The influence of Husserl and Heidegger, but also of J. Searle, is palpable among the modern ones.
The fictional figures of his stories regularly interact with historically well-tangible “actual” characters, whose environment and reality Pierre Maurice portrays as precisely as possible or includes them in his stories.
Thus he creates a kaleidoscope of the times and situations he depicts. The author somehow claims these historical still lifes to be paradigmatical for the present, wrapped up, as it were, in the diction and imagination of a past time.


The following is but a selection. INVOCABIT has recently be re-published, in a 2nd, a Swiss edition. All titles are part of a rather extensive story of the life of a young man and his family in the 13th century.




Judith Weintraub

The author Judith Weintraub and her husband Dan are living in Switzerland. Now a pensioner, she can look back on an extremely eventful and demanding life. A life that she describes in her first book “Winding Roads” almost woodcut-like and with a lot of heart.


Judith Weintraub tells the story of her own life and that of her husband Dan, a painter and former commander of a military unit.


Winding Roads